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Mainz is the capital and largest city in Rheinland - Pfalz. Despite of the 2000 years old history, Mains still remains young. Where a Roman Emperor and Electors once ruled, now live about 196 000 inhabitants.

Mainz is a university city with about 32,000 students from more than 130 countries. The Johannes Gutenberg University is one of the largest German universities. Several television and radio stations and companies with a worldwide reputation as Schott glass have their headquarters in Main.

Mainz understands itself as a stronghold of the Rhenish Fastnacht with no shortage of attractions. Visit Mainz by renting cheap private room, exhibition room, apartment or even a sofa about

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Mainz sightseeing

Mainz Cathedral
The huge Mainz Cathedral represents the state capital Mainz also thousand years after its construction. Today, the Mainz Cathedral is still surrounded by an almost complete overhaul. The developed "Domgebirge" in red-colored sandstone forms a contrast to the built in light stone Romanesque Gotthard Chapel, which was built by Archbishop Adalbert in 1137 as the private chapel of the Archbishop. Today there is the Episcopal Cathedral and Diocesan Museum where religious art treasures from the late Middle Ages and modern times can be admired.
Christus Church
The Christ Church is the representative counterweight to the Mainz Cathedral. The history of Christ Church reflects the history of the Mainz Protestants, who set a sign of their self confidence in this church. The Christ Church was designed by the Mainz architect Edward Kreyßig in the style of the Italian High Renaissance. In the Christ Church are held not only worship but also events, exhibitions and concerts today.
The Fastnachtsbrunnen is the first well-built monument, which reflects the Mainz Fastnacht. Only on 14 January 1967 the Fastnachtsbrunnen was opened in presentation of several thousand people and accompanied by carnival music at the southern end of the Schillerstraße.
In addition to the Christchurch you can visit many other churches in Mainz, such as the St John's Church or the Altmünsterchurch. For centuries the city was characterized as the seat of one of the highest Catholic princes. Today Mainz represent all religions. In addition to churches you can also visit a synagogue and several mosques.

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